· Speaking
Đề 1: Talk about a time that children made you laugh.

You should say:

  1. When was it?

  2. What did they do?

  3. Why it made you laugh?

and explain what do you think about it.

Đề 2: A Time You Received A Call From Someone You Do Not Know

  •  when it was
  •  where you were when you received it
  •  what the call was about
  •  and explain how you felt (after) when you received this call.  

(Đề này thì các em cũng có thể tận dụng đề làm A time you heard a stranger talking on the phone in the public place)

Đề 3: Describe a time that you gave advice to someone

You should say:

Who you gave advice to

What the advice was

Why you gave advice

And how you felt about the advice

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