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Gordon Ramsay 'top choice' to cater Brooklyn Beckham's wedding (nzherald)

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Bên cạnh hướng dẫn kĩ và gửi em bài sửa chi tiết 2 lần Câu hỏi Part 1 IELTS SPEAKING: ​Do you work or are you a student, IELTS TUTOR phân tích thêm bài báo rất hot Gordon Ramsay 'top choice' to cater Brooklyn Beckham's wedding, từ đó em vừa cập nhật thông tin vừa học thêm tiếng anh nhé

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Gordon Ramsay 'top choice' to cater Brooklyn Beckham's wedding

Gordon Ramsay is reportedly set to cater Brooklyn Beckham's wedding.

The 21-year-old photographer recently got engaged to actress Nicola Peltz, and with the groom's parents, David and Victoria Beckham, planning to spare no expense on the couple's big day, they are keen to ask their close friend to take charge of the meals that will be served to guests.

A source told the Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "David and Victoria want Gordon to oversee the food for Brooklyn's wedding day.

"The families are close pals and Brooklyn has previously raved about Gordon's ­cuisine.

"He's top choice to be the chef designing the menu."

The couple are believed to be looking at Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, Italy, as a wedding venue - where Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel tied the knot in 2012.

Beckham and Peltz are believed to have already visited the resort, where ceremonies cost up to £3million, with Victoria Beckham.

The former Spice Girls star is said to have told her future daughter-in-law: "It's your day - we want to make it special, so whatever you want."

The hotel boasts a castle-style main building, a spa, and two private beaches, and can accommodate more than 400 wedding guests.

It has also been claimed that both the Beckhams and the billionaire parents of Peltz are keen to help the couple set up home.

A source said: "Although they'll spend a lot of time in America, Brooklyn wants a base in London.

"Victoria and David have offered to buy the house, which will be seen as a wedding gift.

"It's incredibly generous but they are like any other proud parents who want to help as much as they can.

"Brooklyn is eyeing up properties in East ­London but ­nothing is off limits."

II. Phân tích từ vựng & cấu trúc tác giả sử dụng trong bài báo

              • Top choice, danh từ choice thường dùng với tính từ top dùng để nói lại sự lựa chọn hàng đầu, ví dụ: Greece is the top choice for italians wanting to travel abroad
              • Cater for sth hoặc cater at the wedding / your party: có nghĩa là phục vụ, nấu ăn 
              • Set sb to work = give sb work to do thường hay chia bị động là is set to do sth = được giao việc, ví dụ I was set to work dusting the bookshelves. Như vậy, trong câu này có nghĩa là Gordon Ramsay được cho rằng là được giao nhiệm vụ sẽ nầu ăn cho con trai Beckham 
              • Reportedly = according to what people say 
              • spare no effort / expense = sẵn sàng chi rất nhiều tiền bạc công sức để…
              • Take charge of = be responsible for 
              • Oversee: động từ, coi ngó, chăm chút, ví dụ: As marketing manager, her job is to oversee all the company’s advertising
              • Boast ở đây nghĩa là have or own sth to be proud of, tức là cái hotel này nó có….
              • Accommodate: chứa được 
              • A base: the main place where a person lives and works, nơi sinh sống chủ yếu 
              • Eye sth up (phrasal verb) - look closely at sth that you are interested in, tức là quan sát và coi ngó, ví dụ: I saw you eyeing up that chocolate cake.

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