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ĐỀ 1: Describe a water sport you would like to try in the future (Em có dùng đề này để trả lời cho Describe a practical skill you learned)

Describe a (water) sport that you have watched before and want to try in the future

You should say:

- When and where you watched it

- What that (water) sport is

- Whether there is any special equipment needed to play the sport

And explain why you are interested in that sport and want to try it

ĐỀ 2: Describe something special that you took home from a tourist attraction

Describe something special you took from a tourist attraction

You should say:

  • what it was
  • when and where you went on this holiday
  • what you did with it after you brought it home

and explain why you think it was something special.

ĐỀ 3: Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing

Describe a piece of clothing that you like wearing.

You should say

- what the item of clothing is

- where and when you bought it

- when you wear it

And explain why you like wearing it.

ĐỀ 4: Describe an advertisement you remeber well

Describe an interesting advertisement

You should say:

• Where you saw it

• What it’s about

• Why you think it was an interesting advertisement

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