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ĐỀ 1: Describe a park / garden you like visiting (Em cũng có thể dùng đề này để trả lời cho Describe a newly built facility (such as parks, cinemas... that influencers your city)

Describe a park/garden you like visiting

You should say

  • Where the park is
  • When you visited it
  • What the park is like

And explain why you like visiting it

ĐỀ 2: Describe a historical building you have been to

Describe a historical building in your area

You should say:

Which the building is

How it looks like

What people do there

And also say whether you like this building or not

ĐỀ 3: Describe an ideal house

Describe your ideal house

You should say:

  • where it is
  • what it looks like
  • when you would like to live in

And explain why you would like to live in it

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