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Cẩm Nang Từ Vựng Topic Education / WORK này Sẽ Giúp Em Đạt 7.0 IELTS Writing Task 2 Dễ Dàng!



· Vocabulary - Grammar

Hôm nay IELTS TUTOR giới thiệu đến các bạn Chuyên mục - Vocabulary theo Topic. Topic hôm nay là EDUCATION/WORK - một topic cực kì dễ ra trong IELTS WRITING nói chung & bao trùm cả 3 skills còn lại của IELTS luôn nhé!

Bạn nào chưa tham khảo Trọng tâm các Topic & các dạng đề phải học trước khi thi IELTS WRITING TASK 1 & 2 thì tham khảo trước khi học tiếp bài này, cho có hệ thống các bạn nhé!

Source: Sưu tầm

1. Từ Vựng chủ đề School trong IELTS WRITING TASK 2

Kindergarten: trường mầm non

Primary school – pre-school education = Trường cấp 1

Secondary school: Trường cấp 2

College = further education : Cao đẳng

Higher education = university education

Post-graduate school: sau đại học

PhD = Doctorate

Vocational course: khóa học dạy về kỹ năng cho một nghề nghiệp cụ thể (khóa học hướng nghiệp)

Distance leaning course: khóa học đào tạo từ xa

Comprehensive education: giáo dục toàn diện

Be graducated from: tốt nghiệp từ

To enroll on/in a degree course: đăng ký một khóa học

To major in physics: chọn vật lý là môn học chính ở đại học

To attend a lecture: tham gia bài giảng

To attend a tutorial: tham gia lớp học với giáo sư theo nhóm nhỏ tại văn vòng

To deliver lecture: giảng bài

To lecture in something: giảng về cái gì đó

To do note-taking: ghi chép, ghi chú lại

Keeping up with the work load: theo kịp với khối lượng công việc hoặc khối lượng học được yêu cầu

To fall behind with study = fail to keep pace with the school/university work: không theo kịp bài vở trên trường

Pay off a student loan: thanh toán khoản vay sinh viên

Play truant/truancy: trốn học

Comprehensive education: giáo dục toàn diện

The literacy rate: tỉ lệ biết chữ

Literate (a): biết chữ

Illiterate (a): mù chữ

A gap year: chỉ một năm nghỉ khi chuyển tiếp giữa cấp 3 và đại học

2. Collocations chủ đề schools trong IELTS WRITING TASK 2

To give out or assign homework: giao bài tập về nhà

To do or complete homework: hoàn thành bài tập về nhà

To complete/graduate high school: tốt nghiệp trung học phổ thông

To do/participate/take part in school activities/sport: tham gia các hoạt động tại trường/thể thao

Without an ear for music: không có khả năng thưởng thức âm nhạc

3. Từ Vựng chủ đề WORK trong IELTS WRITING TASK 2

1. To be called for an interview: to be invited to attend an interview

Example: Although he has been called for an interview, he hasn’t got a job yet.

2.Run your own business/be self-employed: to have your own business

Example: It has been my dream is to be my own boss, because I can do everything in my way If I run my own business.

3. A nine-to-five job: a normal job that consists of an 8 hour a day

Example: The idea of doing a nine-to-five job is quite arduous for few people.

4. To be stuck behind a desk: to be unhappy in office job

Example: Working full-time in an office can lead to being stuck behind a desk.

5. One of the perks of the job: an extra benefit you get from a job

Example: Extra meal is one of the perks of the job, which make employees more satisfied

6. Job satisfaction: the feeling of enjoying a job

Example: Job satisfaction is the most important factor when a person chooses a job.

7. Manual work: work that requires physical activities

Example: Many people have manual work that requires them to work in dangerous environment.

8. Temporary work: work done for a limited time only

Example: Taxi drivers is just my temporary work, I am applying for better job.

9. Voluntary work: to work without pay

Example: In my free time, I join in voluntary work to help the society.

10. To be well paid: to earn a good salary

Example: Working in auditing area will be well paid.

11. Working conditions: the hours, salary and other entitlements that comes with the job

Example: Employer should spend more money on improving the working conditions.

12. To meet a deadline: to finish a job on time

Example: Last week she was really stress, because she had to work too hard to meet the deadlines.

13. To take early retirement: to retire early

Example: Recently, a large number of older worker tend to take early retirement, then they will have more time to travel.

14. A heavy workload: to have a lot of work to do

Example: Many worker are complaining the heavy workload, and they asking for higher salary.

15. Shift work: a system in which different groups of workers work somewhere at different times of the day and night

Morning/Night shift

Example: Many industries rely heavily on shift work, and millions of people work in jobs that require shift schedules.

16. Tempting offer

Example: After graduating in economics, I got a very tempting offer from an investment bank and accepted it.

17. Land a new job: get a new (and usually a good) job

Example: After graduating, I did the usual things of putting together my CV & applying for jobs. Luckily, I landed a fantastic new job at a tourism company.

20. Carve a niche for myself: make a special position for myself

Example: After graduating, I practiced medicine for a number of years in London. I managed to carve a niche for myself as a specialist in dermatology.

21. Job swap:

Example: I want to take up some fresh challenges so I did a job swap for a year.

22. Do a job-share: situation where 2 people share equal parts of the same job

Example: I decided to go part-time and do a job-share with my friend after returning from maternity leave.

23. Lay off staff: dismiss staff because there is no work for them to do

Example: My start-up went through a difficult period and had to lay off staff

24. Volume of work: workload

25. Earn a good living

Example: I had a substantial volume of work – private students and marking exams – and was able to earn a good living

26. Fast-track scheme: system for rapid training and promotion of talented staff

27. Move up the ladder: being promoted

Example: I was put on a fast-track scheme and was moving up the ladder fast

29. Get the sack: be dismissed

Example: I want to take one weeks off from work but I’m afraid of getting the sack

  • A retirement package
  • Meaning: the money or other benefits that you receive from a company or organization when you stop working there because of your age

Example: Companies who value their employees should offer a generous retirement package.

Dịch đại ý

A retirement package: chế độ hưu trí

Nghĩa: tiền và các quyền lợi khác được nhận từ công ty sau khi nghỉ hưu

Ví dụ: Những công ty trân trọng nhân viên thường đưa ra chế độ hưu trí rộng rãi.

  • Holiday entitlement

Meaning: the number of days off work that you are allowed as holidays

Example: It is important to know the holiday entitlement before accepting a job.

Dịch đại ý

Holiday entitlement: số ngày nghỉ phép

Nghĩa: số ngày nghỉ cho phép

Ví dụ: Quan trọng là biết được số ngày nghỉ phép trước khi nhận một công việc.

  • Sick leave

Meaning: permission to stay away from work because of illness or injury

Example: Important factors when choosing a job include holiday entitlement, sick leave and a company pension scheme.

Dịch đại ý

  • Sick leave: 

nghỉ ốm

Nghĩa: được phép nghỉ ốm

Ví dụ: Những yếu tố quan trọng khi lựa chọn công việc bao gồm số ngày nghỉ phép, nghỉ ốm và chế độ lương hưu.

  • Annual leave

Meaning: a period of time when you are allowed to be away from work for a holiday/vacation

Example: Parents often take their annual leave at the same time as the long school holidays.

Dịch đại ý

  • Annual leave: 

kì nghỉ hàng năm

Nghĩa: một thời gian được phép nghỉ để đi nghỉ mát

Ví dụ: Cha mẹ thường dùng ngày nghỉ hàng năm cùng thời gian với kỳ nghỉ dài của trường học.

  • Job prospects

Meaning: the chances of being successful and having more opportunities at work

Example: People with qualifications and experience usually have the best job prospects.

Dịch đại ý

  • Job prospects: 

triển vọng công việc

Nghĩa: cơ hội để thành công và có nhiều cơ hội hơn trong công việc

Ví dụ: Những người có bằng cấp và kinh nghiệm thường có triển vọng công việc tốt hơn.

  • Promotion opportunities

Meaning: chances to move to a more important position in a company or organization

Example: Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a job are the promotion opportunities/promotion prospects.

Dịch đại ý

  • Promotion opportunities: 

cơ hội thăng tiến

Nghĩa: cơ hội được điều chuyển lên vị trí cao hơn trong công ty

Ví dụ: Có lẽ yếu tố quan trọng nhất khi lựa chọn công việc là cơ hội thăng tiến hay triển vọng công việc.

  • To move up the career ladder

Meaning: a series of stages by which you can make progress in your career

Example: Ambitious employees look for a job in which there is a chance to move up the career ladder.

Dịch đại ý

  • To move up the career ladder: 

bước cao hơn trong nấc thang sự nghiệp

Nghĩa: Tiến lên trong một loạt các giai đoạn trong sự nghiệp

Ví dụ: Những nhân viên tham vọng thường tìm một công việc có thể bước cao hơn trong nấc thang sự nghiệp.

  • To pursue a successful career

Meaning: to have a series of jobs in a particular area of work, with more

responsibility as time passes

Example: While many people wish to pursue a successful career, for others it is more important to find work which is interesting and enjoyable.

Dịch đại ý

  • To pursue a successful career: 

theo đuổi sự nghiệp thành đạt

Nghĩa: trải qua một loạt công việc tại một nơi cụ thể, với nhiều trách nhiệm hơn khi thời gian qua đi

Ví dụ: Trong khi nhiều người mong muốn theo đuổi sự nghiệp thành đạt, một số người khác việc tìm một công việc thú vị lại quan trọng hơn.

  • To take a career break

Meaning: a period of time when you do not do your usual job, for example because you have children to care for

Example: Some companies offer female employees the opportunity to take a career break for a few years if they have young children to care for.

Dịch đại ý

  • To take a career break: nghỉ việc một thời gian (sẽ quay lại làm việc)

Nghĩa: một thời gian nghỉ việc, ví dụ như chăm con

Ví dụ: Một số công ty cho phép nữ nhân viên nghỉ việc trong vài năm nếu họ có con nhỏ cần chăm sóc.

  • To have no career ambitions

Meaning: to have no desire to be successful or to move up the career ladder

Example: Those who are content to do the same job and have no career ambitions are often happier in their work and do not suffer from stress.

Dịch đại ý

  • To have no career ambitions: 

không có tham vọng trong sự nghiệp

Nghĩa: không có tham vọng thành đạt hay bước cao hơn trong nấc thang sự nghiệp


1) job security = being free from the threat of losing one’s job
EX: It ’s a choice between higher pay and job security.
2) job satisfaction= the pleasant feeling you get from a job
EX:The sense of belonging to a team contributes towards job satisfaction.
3) be entitled to sth. = be given the right to do sth.

EX:The majority of the workers have been entitled to paid holidays.
4) a sense of fulfilment= having the opportunity to develop one’s abilities and interests
EX:Madison found a sense of fulfilment and joy as a teacher.
5) frustration= the feeling of being upset because you cannot achieve sth.
EX:All her efforts met with frustration.
6) brain drain = a situation in which professionals go to another country in order to improve their living or working conditions
EX:This brain drain was caused by highly-skilled people only offering their services to the highest bidder.
7) work experience= the experience and skills that a person gains in doing a particular job (likely to be written incorrectly as “ working experience” by non-native English speakers)
EX:Paul decided to get work experience in South America because he wanted to learn about Latin American life.
8) excessive workload= work overload
The employees have been complaining about the excessive workload — they had to do too much in too little time.
9) be labour intensive= be a process that requires a lot of effort
However, the process took a long time and was labour intensive.
10) an oppressive deadline= a deadline that is too short and difficult to meet
Working to oppressive deadlines can increase the risk of a heart attack.
11) work under enormous stress = work under great pressure
Jasmine is very resilient and effective at working under enormous stress
12) an employee-friendly environment= an environment that emphasises the happiness and self-fulfilment of employees
The company will build an employee-friendly environment, with various programmes from childcare and family care to leisure support.
13) workplace= the place where you work ( likely to be incorrectly written as “ work unit” bynon-native English speakers)

EX:It is in everyone’s interest to maintain a high level of security in the workplace.
14) work long hours for low pay= work many hours a day for very little money
15) leisure activities= recreational activities carried out when someone is free from work or other duties
EX:A wide range of leisure activities is available to students outside class time.
16) a demanding job = a job that requires a lot of time, energy or attention
EX:The work was too physically demanding.
17) contract= a legal agreement between two people or two businesses that says what each should do for the other
EX:It may be that your contract gives you better rights, or your holiday rights might be specified in a collective agreement.
18) work ethic= the belief that hard work is good for developing one’s moral character
Riley is a perfect example of dedication. We really admire his work ethic.
19) flexible arrangement= a plan that can be changed easily according to the situation
Telecommuting may give employees very flexible work arrangements with their employers.
20) work schedule= a list of planned activities to be done at work showing the dates when they are intended to be done
They created a calendar to organise public events and work schedules.
21) routine work= the things a person does in a fixed order
He found doing the routine work boring.
22) be well-staffed= have capable staff
A properly designed programme should be well-staffed and well-managed.
23) be short-staffed= do not have sufficient members of staff
Now the company is seriously short-staffed because business is picking up.
24) have access to= have the right or opportunity to use sth.
In the course of your work you may have access to information relating to the company’s business.

25) cause friction between... and... = cause disagreement between... and...
This decision has caused friction between the employees and the manager.
26) conflicts arise= has caused angry disagreement
Sometimes conflicts arise between older and younger employees.
27) stress-induced diseases= diseases caused by great worry
There has been a continuous search for the cure for stress-induced diseases.
28) the pace of work= the speed at which someone works
Successful professionals tend to work at a steady pace.
29) occupational hazard= a risk for people doing a particular job
Every company should have goals to eliminate occupational hazards in the workplace.
30) occupational disease= a disease commonly acquired by people in a particular occupation
Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases in the UK.
31) backbreaking tasks / laborious tasks = tasks that are hard and need a great deal of effort
The toughest part of Katie’ s job is not the laborious/backbreaking tasks.
32) manual work / manual labour= physical work
There is a big demand for manual labour in the construction industry.
33) mental work= work that involves a great deal of thinking
Many people feel that mental work can be physically exhausting.
34) be in charge of sth. = have control over and be responsible for sth.
Mr. Thompson is in charge of this department.
35) has an attitude problem= does not take someone’s own job seriously
Justin has a real attitude problem. In fact, he’s just a slacker
36) be an eager beaver= a person who is willing to work very hard

Who’s the eager beaver who came in at the weekend to finish this work off?
37) be an indicator of ability= be something that can be regarded as a sign of ability
Age is not of itself an indicator of ability
38) feel out of one’s element= feel uncomfortable in a particular situation
39) be attuned to... = be familiar with sth. and be able to deal with it in a sensitive way
Most British companies still aren’ t really attuned to the needs of this market.
40) work around the clock= work continuously / work non-stop =work all day and all night
The construction workers worked non-stop to build a new school for the children.
41) distract sb. from sth. = make sb. stop giving his/her attention to sth.
42) divert sb. ’s attention from... = take sb’s attention away from sth.
43) lead a busy life= lead a life full of activities
Keira leads a busy life. She doesn’ t even have time to sit down to enjoy a relaxing meal.
44) be tied up at work= be prevented from doing sth. because of being busy at work
45) a stressful and time-consuming job= a job that takes a lot of time to do and cause a lot of pressure
46) job prospects= chances of success in a job or career
Learning a second language fuels children’s intelligence and makes their job prospects brighter.
47) incentive= sth. that encourages a person to fulfil a task
48) motivation = willingness to do sth.
49) build a close rapport between... = develop close agreement or sympathy with each
50) glass ceiling = an invisible barrier that prevents women from entering the ranks of senior level management
Many women complain about the glass ceHing that bars them from upper management in large
51) discriminate against sb. = treat sb. unfairly because of their beliefs, race or other features
In this country, employees are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of gender.

a significant feature of modern life
the tempo (or pace) of life accelerate v.
the current (or present) situation; the status quo
intense (or keen/stiff/fierce) competition workplace n.
job (or employment) opportunities
career path
career prospect
job-hopping n.
job hopper
colleague n.
workaholic n.
recruit v.
labour (or labor) pool
operating costs/overhead costs
pursue maximum profit
laissez-faire management
productive adj.
counterproductive adj.
productivity n.
telecommute v.
telecommuting n.
create alienation between people
alienated adj.

alienate v.
fatigue n.& v.
fatigued adj.
depression n.
materialistic adj.
money-worshipping/mercenary adj.
sedentary lifestyle
sedentary adj.
obesity n.
obese adj.
high-fat adj.
calorie n.
over nourishment n.
nourishing/nutritious/alible adj.
nutrient(s) n.
nutrition n.
recipe n.
the increasing availability of convenience food
availability n.
processed food
sophisticated ready-prepared microwavable
home-cooked meals

Traditional foods are an important aspect of
culture and social life.

quality family time
entertainment/diversion/recreation/amusement n.
leisure n.
wellbeing n.
welfare n. (e.g. welfare system)
urbanisation (or urbanization )
metropolis n.
metropolitan adj.
cosmopolitan adj. (e.g. a cosmopolitan city
population growth
population explosion (or boom)
family planning/birth control
population density
demographics n.
vernacular dwellings
vernacular adj.
suburb n.
the gap between the urban area and rural area;
the disparity between the city and
the countryside
eliminate v.
affluent/wealthy/well-off adj.

needy/poverty-stricken/impoverished/deprived/indigent/destitute adj
poverty alleviation
impede/hinder/hamper/obstruct/inhibit v.
have access to
function n.
superior adj.
inferior adj.
architecture n.
exterior n.
interior n.
rundown/decrepit/rickety/dilapidated adj.
tear down/knock down/demolish/raze v.
relocate v.
old buildings of special aesthetic value
buildings of historic significance
high-rise building(s)
skyscraper(s) n.
concrete jungle
raise the utilisation rate of land
beautify the cities/better the cityscape
cityscape n.
mass car ownership
rising car ownership

5. Các câu ví dụ nên học thuộc lòng trong IELTS Writing Task 2 trong Topic Education & Work

Source: IELTS Fighter


6. Các bài đọc hiểu nên đọc để học từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Education - Work

Từ vựng topic internet IELTS
Bài đọc hiểu chủ đề Internet IELTS
Bài Reading luyện tập từ vựng chủ đề Education
Bài Reading luyện tập từ vựng chủ đề Education
Bài Reading luyện tập từ vựng chủ đề Education
Bài Reading luyện tập từ vựng chủ đề Education

Đề mẫu luyện tập cho TOPIC này

Đề mẫu 1:

Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of the society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

*Đề mẫu 2:

We have three important parts of education reading, writing and Math. Some people think every child will benefit from a fourth skill added to the list: computer skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

*Đề mẫu 3:

Some people believe that everyone has the right to receive university education,so the government should make it free to all people regardless of their financial background. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Đề mẫu 4:

More and more companies are allowing employees to work from home. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Ps: Còn điều gì các em còn thắc mắc trong IELTS nữa không, có thể comment phía dưới để IELTS TUTOR giải đáp nhé!

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