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IELTS Listening Chuyên Đề Fill-In-The-Blank: Bài Tập Chọn Lọc, Audio và Đáp Án [ PHẦN 2 ]


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IELTS Listening sẽ có rất nhiều phần Filling the gap (điền từ vào chỗ trống) đặc biệt là chiếm gần trọn cả section 1 và section 4.

Ở section 1, lời đọc chậm và rõ ràng rất dễ kiếm trọn 10 điểm phần này nếu tập trung nghe lời thoại giữa hai nhân vật. (Mẹo nhỏ là học thuộc kỹ bảng chữ cái, số đếm và số thứ tự)

Tuy nhiên Section 4 không dễ dàng như vậy, thông thường sẽ là một bài luận hay diễn văn tập trung về một đề tài. Các câu được paraphase rất nhiều, đan xen với các từ vựng mới với mục đích gây nhiễu. Do đó việc nghe HIỂU là vô cùng quan trọng, cần khái quát nội dung bài Listening trước để tránh bị hụt thông tin. Thêm vào đó, tốc độ đọc rất nhanh nên bạn tránh dành quá lâu cho một câu hỏi. (Mẹo nhỏ là không cần viết quá hoàn chỉnh câu trả lời, mà chỉ viết ký hiệu, vì bạn có đến 10 phút cuối để viết lại sang giấy trả lời - Answer sheet).



IELTS Listening: fill the gaps

Listen to the following recording about John Dewey, who was also the subject of yesterday's reading lesson, and fill the gaps in the summary below.

Click here to listen

John Dewey was America's _____ philosopher and philosopher of education. His ideas are important to education today because he recognised that each individual brings a certain _____ and _____ to his or her learning. He also understood the importance of learning in a group or _____, learning from others that are _____ you. The essence of a democracy is that you have different _____ and you learn from each of them, and Dewey celebrated that. He would probably be _____ of the current system of education because it ignores the teaching _____ and what each student brings to the classroom.


IELTS Listening: very fast exercise!

Click here to listen

Fill the gaps in the transcript below.

The need to sleep is one of the strongest _____ _____ we have, one of the few that we really can't control; and the fact is, you can die faster from _____ _____ than _____ _____. So it is time to investigate the science behind this thing that we do for a _____ of our lives.

Even though the _____ _____ will spend 25 years of their life asleep, there's no scientific _____ as to why exactly we do it. One thing we know for sure: our _____ definitely think that sleep is important.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill

Listen to the recording and fill the gaps in the summary below.

Click here to listen

How to listen to people effectively

We can use the word listen to remind ourselves of the key skills of ______ listening.

‘L’ stands for ‘look’. Look at the person as they are speaking to you, and ______ them with good eye contact. ‘I’ stands for ‘inquire’. Use open, ______ questions to show interest in the person and what they are saying. ‘S’ reminds you to ‘______’ your understanding of what the other person is saying.

T’ means ‘take notes’, and ‘E’ means ‘encourage’: smile, ______ and use ______ to encourage them to say more. ‘N’ means ‘neutralise your feelings’: stay ______, avoid ______, and think about the content that the person is trying to ______ ______ to you.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill summary

Listen to the recording about road safety and fill the gaps in the summary.

Click here to listen


Traffic in Europe is increasingly ______. The aim of the 'European Road Safety Day' is to reduce the ______ ______ from road accidents throughout the European Union.

The number of lives saved every year since 2001 has ______ ______ markedly in line with ______. However, there are still nearly ______ people killed on Europe's roads each year.

The big problems to address are speed, alcohol or drugs, and not wearing a ______. These are the ______ ______ of accidents.


Click here to listen

Try completing this summary of the first 2 minutes of the video:

There are six fundamental things that a city needs to get ______. The first is order. Order means balance, ______ and repetition. But too much regularity can be soul-destroying; too much order feels rigid and ______. It can be bleak, relentless and ______. The ideal we're ______ is variey and order.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill summary

Listen to the following excerpt from a talk about innovation, and fill the gaps in the summary below.

Click here to listen

Are we getting overwhelmed with an always-connected, ______-______ lifestyle, and is that going to lead to less ______ thoughts as we move away from the slower, deeper, contemplative state of reading?

The great ______ of scientific and technological innovation has been the historic increase in ______, and our ability to reach out and exchange ideas with other people, and to borrow other people’s ______ and combine them with our ______ and turn them into something new. That has been the primary ______ of creativity and innovation over the last 600 or 700 years.

It’s true we’re more ______, but what has happened that is really miraculous and marvelous over the last 15 years is that we have so many new ways to ______ and find other people who have that ______ piece that will complete the idea we’re working on.


Click here to listen

Fill the gaps below. Which city does each phrase refer to?

  1. top-_____ education and welfare
  2. integration for immigrants to increase its _____
  3. greatly _____ public transportation
  4. innovative, mixed-use _____ incorporating cycling paths
  5. hidden under the _____ of a neon-lit mega city
  6. a small-town _____
  7. world-class shopping and business _____
  8. Australia’s cultural _____
  9. a big push to _____ traffic congestion
  10. integration between city life and the _____


IELTS Listening: 'cycling coach' gap-fill

Listen to the following talk by the cycling coach mentioned in yesterday's reading passage. He talks about his 'Core Principle' coaching philosophy.

Click here to listen

'CORE Principle' coaching

  • The ‘C’ stood for commitment. We ______ people for commitment: have they got an intrinsic ______ towards achieving a goal?
  • The ‘O’ is ownership. We like people to have an opinion, and we ______ an environment where people don’t feel frightened or under ______ to speak their minds.
  • The ‘R’ is ______ (and accountability). People need to understand what they are accountable for, as well as what they are not accountable for.
  • If you take these elements together, that then ______ to the ‘E’, which is ______.


IELTS Listening: what is blended learning?

Click here to listen

Fill each gap in the summary below using a maximum of 2 words.

People think that blended learning could be the next _____ in education. In a nutshell, blended learning is a mix of face-to-face learning and _____. A concrete example is a teacher who records maths videos and posts them onto her school’s _____. Students can watch the videos and take tests. A report tells the teacher how well her students understood the _____, and this means that she can plan her next lesson _____.


IELTS Listening: 'video games' topic

Listen to the following talk about the effect of video games, then fill the gaps in the summary below.

Click here to listen

Video games are arguably the best technologically-based teaching ______. When playing a video game, you are an active player who drives the ______ and makes decisions that change the ______ of what is going on. Psychologists would say that you are learning behavioural ______.

Video games are ______ driven. The medium itself is ______; we give the valence of good or bad or ______ to it. Unfortunately, the most popular video games are the ones that reward you for doing ______ against others.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill summary

Listen to the recording about 'delayed language development' and fill the gaps in the summary below.

click here to listen

If a child turns two but is still ______ ______ ______, parents start to worry.

Parents often ______ this problem, hoping that their child will soon ______ ______.

One reason for late language development could be a delay in the child's ______ ______.

Delayed language development could also be caused by ______ or ______ problems.


IELTS Listening: 'study abroad' topic

Watch the following short video, and fill the gaps in the summary below.

Click here to listen

Amsterdam is one of the places that is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for a sort of ‘_____ _____’. Amsterdam University College offers courses in English in order to attract _____ from all over the world. The amount of British students has _____ over the last year, and they expect the numbers to increase considerably when tuition _____ in the UK rise next year.


IELTS Listening: 'dissertation' gap-fill

Listen to a lecturer explaining what a dissertation is.

Click here to listen

Fill each gap in the following summary with ONE word.

A dissertation is piece of _____ research that you do at the end of your university life. It _____ upon everything that you have learned so far, and all the skills that you have _____ along the way.

These skills include: telling the audience what you have learned, writing in a proper academic _____, as well as putting forward, defending, discussing, _____ and concluding an _____.

A dissertation should focus on a _____ _____ that you select, and that you work on over your last year of study.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill about 'sitting'

Listen to the following interview with a doctor about the risks of too much sitting, and fill the gaps in the sentences below.

Click here to listen

  1. We spend about 10 hours a day sitting, which is an unprecedented _____ _____ activity.
  2. There are significant health risks _____ _____ sitting, for instance decreased life _____.
  3. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer are things that you wouldn’t intuitively associate with a sedentary _____.
  4. Our bodies _____ lack of movement as a _____.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill exercise

Listen to the information about a university visiting day.

click here to listen

Fill the gaps below using a maximum of three words and/or numbers.

1. The minimum notice period to arrange a visit is ______.

2. You may send your booking form by post, fax or ______.

3. If there are no places for your first choice, you will be offered an ______.

4. On arrival, you should go to the ______ between 9 and 9.15.

5. The maximum number of guests is ______.


IELTS Listening: transcript exercise

Here's the full transcript for last week's exercise about train tickets. Listen to the recording again, then fill the gaps in the transcript below.

Click here to listen

The first thing any regular train user should do is to book their tickets in advance, _____ exactly 12 weeks in advance. Those £300 tickets to Manchester, you can get them for just £25 return if you go online. You go to a website called, you fill in their ticket _____ system, and you’ll get an email telling you when those tickets are available. Because they often _____ _____ very quickly, so when you get that email, act straight away.

But, and I know this sounds a bit sneaky, don’t actually buy them on, because you’ll have to pay a £1.50 booking fee, and if you’re using your credit card another £1.50. Instead, _____ over to the East Coast website - you’d think that’s only trains down the East coast from London up to Edinburgh - it’s not; they will sell tickets for any trains anywhere in the UK, and they don’t charge a booking fee, and they don’t charge for credit card. So that’s another two or three _____ saved.

If you haven’t been able to buy a ticket a long _____ in advance, it is still worth remembering that up until 6 o’clock on the night before, you can still get Advance tickets. They won’t be as cheap as the Super-Advance ones, 12 weeks in advance, but it’s still _____ trying to buy them the night before.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill summary

Listen to the recording, then fill the gaps in the summary below.

Click here to listen

Community service is the practice of ______ or ______ unpaid work. Examples of projects include cleaning a park, collecting items for ______ or cleaning ______ verges. Other examples include ______ children with learning disabilities or ______ money for the local area. Some students must do community service in order to receive their ______ ______ ______. 'Service learning' means that students have to show how their work has ______ to their education.


IELTS Listening: 3D printing lecture

Listen to the recording and answer the questions below.

Click here to listen

1. Which 3D printed product can already be bought?

A) computers
B) glasses
C) mobile phones

2. Which THREE materials can be used in 3D printers?

A) paper
B) metal
C) wood
D) glass
E) concrete

3. Fill the gaps below with no more than TWO words.

Advantages of 3D printing:
As the technology develops, it will allow many products to be ______. Items will be delivered digitally, therefore reducing ______ and permitting more local manufacturing. The process will also lead to a reduction in ______ and a rise in ______.


IELTS Listening: 'litter' topic

Listen to the following interview about the problem of litter on a beach in England.

Click here to listen

Fill the gaps in the summary below:

Over the _____ of the last weekend, the local authority collected 20 tonnes of rubbish from one beach. It costs the authority a great _____ of money to collect the rubbish, but they take _____ in their beach, and they want to _____ visitors. The leader of the local council would like people to take _____ for their rubbish and take it home.

He believes that there is an _____ of personal responsibility, but that suppliers should also think about how they _____ their goods. He says that the council needs to attack the problem at both _____.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill

Listen to the following talk about mistakes to avoid when writing a CV (curriculum vitae = a document that summarises your education and work experience).

Click here to listen

Fill the gaps below with a MAXIMUM of THREE WORDS.

Common mistakes when writing a CV:

1. Having a ______ CV without a good structure.
2. Writing ______, with long paragraphs or sentences, will lose people's ______.
3. It's often hard to spot your own ______.
4. Unexplained gaps in the dates on your CV will raise questions about what you might be ______.
5. A gap in the dates could cause an employer to think ______.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill, multiple choice

Listen to the information about driving tests, and answer the questions below.

Click here to listen

1. Fill the gaps below with no more than 3 words.

On the day of your test, you need to take the following with you:
- both parts of your ______
- theory test ______
- appointment letter or ______

2. What two things will the examiner do before the test?

A) Ask for a paper driving licence
B) Check your paperwork
C) Speak to your driving instructor
D) Give you the option of bringing your driving instructor with you
E) Give you and your instructor some feedback

3. Which two of the following statements are true of the test?

A) An eyesight check is not part of the test
B) You can ask the examiner questions about safety
C) You have to drive in a variety of traffic conditions
D) The test lasts about 10 minutes
E) You will be asked to follow signs or spoken instructions


IELTS Listening: nature or nurture?

The "nature or nurture" topic has appeared in different parts of the IELTS test. Do you know what "nature or nurture" means?

We are all born with certain physical characteristics ______ by our genes. But does our DNA ______ how we act? Researchers say that genes help control how we ______ our environment, but can environment influence which genes are ______? That leads to debate over the role parents play in ______ their children. Some believe the stronger ______ influences happen outside the home. As scientists study DNA, they are starting to understand better what makes us ______.

If you can't see the video, here's an audio version:

Click here to listen


Click here to listen

Listen to the first speaker and fill the gaps in the following text.

The plane has been developed by lots of people ______ the years, but the Wright brothers certainly made it work and made it ______. Planes existed before, people had made aeroplanes fly before, but I always have a huge ______ for the inventor who really makes it work; Henry Ford I have the same admiration for because he made a car ______, and made it ______, and made it work. So the Wright brothers for me are probably the most - should be the most - ______ people when it comes to aeroplanes.


IELTS Listening: gap-fill about consumerism

Listen to the recording about materialism (attaching importance to money and possessions). Then fill the gaps in the text below.

Click here to listen

Beginning in the 1990s, the most ______ ______ given for attending college had changed from reasons such as becoming an ______ in a field or helping others to the ______ ______ ______ a lot of money. At the same time, compact disc players, ______ ______, personal computers, and cellular telephones all began to integrate into ______ ______. Madeline Levine criticised what she saw as a large change in American culture – “a shift away from ______ ______ ______, spirituality, and integrity, and toward competition, materialism and disconnection.”


IELTS Listening: gap-fill

Fill the gaps in the following summary of the video:

A good elevator pitch is made up of two key ______. First, you have to lay out the "______ statement": What problem is it that you are trying to solve? Second, you must show the "______ proposition": How does your ______ solve that problem?

Every great elevator pitch must meet four key tests: First, it must be ______. Second, it must be easy to understand; there's no ______ for "tech-talk". Third, it must be greed-inducing; after all, ______ want to make money, and lots of it. Finally, it has to be irrefutable; if your elevator pitch leaves investors with more ______ than ______, you'd better go back to the ______ board.

If you can't see the video, listen to the recording below.

Click here to listen


Fill the gaps:

In 1950, the world’s population was around ______ billion. It more than doubled ______ the next 50 years. In the mid-80’s, the ______ ______ slowed. By 2050, the world’s population is ______ to stabilise at around 9 billion. According to the UN’s population division, between 2010 and 2015, around half of the world’s people will live in countries with fertility ______ of no more than 2.1, the replacement ______ of fertility.

If you can't see the video, listen to the recording below.

Click here to listen


IELTS Listening: 'obesity' topic

Listen to the news report about obesity in the UK, then fill the gaps in the text. Share and compare your answers in the "comments" area.

click here to listen

Today’s survey shows that ______ ______ ______ in the East Midlands is overweight. The research found that the region ______ ______ ______ average Body Mass Index score in the country, bordering on obese.

As a region, it means we’ve got a much ______ ______ ______ ______ type 2 diabetes; a much ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ and some forms of cancer. And of course, that all ______ ______ ______ ______ the National Health Service.

Overall, the survey showed that 13 million adults in the UK are either overweight or obese. ______ ______ ______ the NHS an estimated 4.2 billion pounds a year.


IELTS Listening: city problems and solutions


There are more people living in cities than in ______ areas. Urbanisation is the defining phenomenon of this century; half of the world’s population is urban. Many people are enticed from rural areas by the ______ of a better life. We need to improve living conditions for the urban poor by providing adequate ______, clean water and ______.

One key to making cities ______ better is good planning. Planners need to ______ cities to make them beneficial for all citizens. Cities need green transport and green ______; they need to be energy ______ and pedestrian- ______, with housing and jobs to ______ people to come to live there.

If you can't see the video, listen to the following recording:

Click here to listen


IELTS Listening: crime topic

The following video is about what the police are doing to reduce youth crime in an area of the UK. Two solutions are given: special police teams on the streets, and a local resource centre with activities for young people.

The ideas in the video are also useful for IELTS writing task 2.


Listen and fill the gaps below:

1. Neighbourhood task teams have had an immediate impact in ______ crime.
2. They have a long-term ______ on crime levels.
3. We’re ______ anti-social behaviour.
4. We’re working with partner agencies to help ______ solutions.
5. The creation of a neighbourhood resource centre has ______ a big difference.
6. The centre offers a ______ of activities to all ages.
7. The police can work with the ______, and are seen in a whole new light.
8. There’s been a marked ______ in crime and vandalism.
9. These are important ______ to local communities.

If you can't see the video, listen to the recording below:


Click here to listen


IELTS Listening: iPod

Listen and fill the gaps below:

  1. Music is a part of ______ life.
  2. It’s a very large ______ market.
  3. It knows no ______.
  4. In this whole digital ______ there is no market leader.
  5. No one has found the ______ yet.
  6. People trust the Apple ______.
  7. This is a ______ leap.
  8. It holds your ______ music library.
  9. Your whole music library ______ in your pocket.
  10. It’s an amazing little ______.

If you can't see the video, listen to the recording below:


Listen and fill the gaps in the summary:

The graph helps us to distinguish between variations in the climate due to ______ causes and those variations that are induced by human ______.

The climate is naturally variable. Occasionally there is a downward trend that is associated with a volcano going off. Then we get to a period, from about 1910, where you can start to see an upward trend, a warming of the climate: ______ ______.

Up to this point, you could argue that climate variation can be explained by natural ______. That is no longer the case as you get to the latter part of the 20th century. From about 1970 onwards, you can see the red curve and the green curve beginning to diverge. The yellow curve includes human factors: in particular the ______ effect, which is mostly caused by carbon dioxide from ______ fuel burning.

There seems little doubt that this steep rise in temperature is due to human activity. Without the action of ______ ______, there would have been far less ______ change since the 1970’s.

If you can't see the video, listen to the recording below:


IELTS Listening: multicultural society

Watch the following video and try the gap-fill exercise for IELTS listening practice.

Listen and fill the gaps:

  1. Immigration has become a hot political, economic and ______ issue.
  2. Minorities are creating identities that combine ________ of both cultures.
  3. Different cultures are coming ________ and enriching society.
  4. There is no dominant ________.
  5. It is becoming part of everyday _____.
  6. I’ve learnt new languages, and to be more friendly and _________.
  7. I’ve learnt how to interact with other cultures and _______ them.

If you can't see the video, listen to the recording below:


Listen and fill the gaps:

1. Copenhagen is stylish, ______ and frequently cloudy or rainy.
2. Its location is ______. It’s the bridge between Europe and Scandinavia.
3. The locals ______ to be bike-riding, taciturn and very good-looking.
4. My best piece of ______ for travellers is to wear comfortable shoes.
5. If you can get a ______ point, the views over the city are ______.
6. Learning the language is an exercise in ______.
7. It’s ______ of people who are helpful and practical.
8. Travellers should take a ______ of humour and a ______ mind.

If you can't see the video, listen to the recording below:

Click here to listen

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