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Để học từ vựng tốt, việc quan trọng là các em phải nắm thật kĩ về cách tra từ điển thường được dùng trong IELTS nhé

  • Close friend
  • enjoy each other's company: thích sự bên cạnh của người đó 

ex: Steve and Noah are always together, they definitely enjoy each other's company.

  • friends are like second family
  • have a shoulder to cry on 

ex: I wish you'd been here when my cat died and I needed a shoulder to cry on.

  • to be well-matched = have a lot in common = 1 cặp trời sinh
  • to get along with sb = to get on well with
  • keep in touch with sb # lose touch with sb 
  • ups and downs: lên rồi xuống, thăng trầm

ex: Like most married couples we've had our ups and downs, but life's like that.

  • meet up ==> meet up with sb  ==> meet up to do sth

Meet up nếu đi với with phải có sb ở sau, còn meet up thì sẽ đứng 1 mình


They suggested we meet up at Mustafa's.

The Retail Congress gives people a chance to meet up with retailers from other parts of the world.

Departmental managers meet up once a month to discuss their concerns.

  • have been through thick and thin together 

ex: She has stuck with me through thick and thin.

  • confide in sb = nhỏ to tâm sự

ex: She's nice, but I don't feel I can confide in her.

  • tolerate = tha thứ, bao dung 

ex: I will not tolerate that kind of behaviour in my class.

  • live in harmony with them: sống chan hòa 
  • make me feel isolated from the whole world 
  • cyber friends: bạn qua mạng 
  • genuine friends
  • to build bridges: to improve relationships between people who are very different or do not like each other: --> idiom: gắn kết
ex: A local charity is working to build bridges between different ethnic groups in the area.
  • birds of a feather flock together: ngưu tầm ngưu mã tầm mã 
  • to be on the same page: đồng ý với ai đó 
  • to speak / talk the same language: đồng thuận, thấu hiểu
ex: We come from similar backgrounds, so we speak the same language.
  • know sb inside out: biết tất tần tật
  • to make friends easily
  • look out for each other = respect sb 
  • strike up a friendship: start a friendship 
  • form / develop a friendship
  • a friendship grows
  • a casual acquaintance: quen biết xã giao
  • Two heads are better than one
  • get to know someone 
  • break the ice: đập tan bầu không khí 
ex: Someone suggested that we play a party game to break the ice.

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