CHUẨN BỊ TỪ VỰNG CHO CÂU HỎI IELTS SPEAKING PART 2: Describe something you do to help you study or work

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I. IDEAS CẦN LƯU Ý CHO ĐỀ "Describe something you do to help you study or work​"

42. Describe something you do to help you study or work

  • what it is

  • how you learn it

  • when you do it

  • and how you feel about the method

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I have been a huge fan of it ever since I was a still a youngster. I do jogging and running to lose weight, stretching exercises to maintain good systemic circulation, and aerobics for increasing my physical stamina. In addition, since volleyball is my ideal sport and hobby, I can’t avoid playing it whenever I feel bored or if I feel like I’m living a mundane life.

1. Minimize multitasking

The first method of concentration people can employ is to decrease the time they indulge in multitasking. People who multitask might seem like extra special beings, but they pay a huge price just to do that, according to a previous study conducted in Stanford. From a sample of 100 students, about half of them were identified as media multi-taskers while the other half weren’t. The test examined memory capacity, attention spans and ability to switch from a single task to the next — and the results showed that people who indulged in multitasking often performed poorly on each of the given tests. Most researchers suggest that people who multitask suffer from irrelevancy since everything can easily distract them. The main concern among neuroscientists who specialize in the inner workings of the brain is that an individual’s tendency to divide his or her attention, rather than focus, is impeding their ability to complete a simple but specific task. So lessening this is a great way to concentrate.

2. Meditate

Another method of concentration you can talk about is the simple exercise of meditating. If we were to rely on the saying "practice makes perfect", then meditation is a sure-fire way to enhance an individual’s focus because it would take a huge amount of concentration to focus on a particular task. It often considered that meditation is a good way to calm yourself and regain composure when you feel that your emotions are getting a little bit elated. You can also talk about a scientific study that might prove this claim. For example, a study at a certain university in Carolina revealed that students and individuals who frequently meditated for about 20 minutes per day for five days performed better on certain cognitive exams than those who haven’t tried the method. So, in conclusion, concentration can be improved by meditating.
3. Establish a to-do list
Concentration can be enhanced by doing certain methods including coming up with a to-do list. To-do lists not only help you prioritize what activities and tasks you are supposed to finish first, but they could serve as a record of something that you may have missed or loose ends. In addition, having a recording of all the tasks you need to fulfill can help you keep track and be focused on the upcoming task. If not, incomplete work could eat away at your concentration. This stems from something called the Zeigarnik Effect, which is a psychological phenomenon describing a person’s tendency to remember interrupted or incomplete tasks easily instead of tasks that haven’t been completed.
4. Try a small amount of caffeine
Caffeine works wonders in our body, usually though it can give you that surprising feeling of being focused especially when you have taken a suitable dosage. If you're feeling lethargic, grab a cup of joe or other caffeinated substances. Studies suggest that caffeine may, in moderate doses, help to boost focus — particularly in those of us who are fatigued. But don't get overzealous with the beverage, or you might get the caffeine side-effect which causes uneasiness and restlessness, which commonly decreases your ability to concentrate on a specific task or study.
5. Take breaks
Another method of enhancing concentration is taking a break. You might have heard that watching cat videos on YouTube can improve productivity. Well, that's true ... sort of. Whether watching cat videos, taking a walk, or closing your eyes for a few minutes at a time, it is critical to take the occasional break from work. Allowing two brief breaks during for an hour can help you perform consistently for the entire duration, whereas those who don’t get involved in a break might perform inconsistently over time. Include other examp