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1. PART 2



1.1. Từ vựng cho bài describe a small child

Các từ vựng hữu ích:

  • Smart / brainy
  • Naughty
  • Adorable / lovely 
  • courageous
  • Curious
  • Annoying / disturbing 
  • Active 
  • Talkative 

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1.2. Bài mẫu bài describe a small child

Câu hỏi 1: Introduction + How old he/she is

Well, the small child I want to talk about is my niece called Rainy, who is the daughter of my sister. She is currently eight years old and is studying in primary school

Câu hỏi 2: What he/she looks like

She is really adorable with sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks, I really like her smile because it makes her look like an angel

Câu hỏi 3: What you often do together

We haven’t seen each other a lot, but generally speaking, when we get together, we do a number of different things, such as playing a game, watching cartoons, or hanging out in a park

Nhớ tham khảo link về cách làm Describe a person, đây là cách trả lời theo liệt kê của câu hỏi WHAT nhé

Câu hỏi 4: Why you want to talk about him/her

I would like to talk about my niece for several reasons

  • Firstly, I feel that Rainy is fairly smart 
    • In fact, I was really amazed by her willingness to learn new stuff, and I still remember when she was around five or six, she was even able to learn English by herself through copying the way characters spoke in English animated cartoons
    • Anytime I see her, she keeps asking me all types of tricky questions like what French fries are made of or why the kangaroo has a pouch
  • More importantly, I also think she is very sociable 
    • I guess she does inherit some of my sister’s traits, like getting along well with all sorts of people, so it is very easy for her to take part in all sorts of activities and events, like hosting a show, leading a group, or helping other kids to finish tasks
    • To me, I love to interact with my niece because when I am talking with her, I just use a pure and simple mind, which is totally different from the adult world



1.3. Từ vựng cho bài describe a wild animal

  • National symbol 
    • Ví dụ: 
      • Koala is the national symbol of Australia 
      • It is the most recognisable animal in…. (dễ nhận biết)
      • I believe that when it comes to…., ..it will be the first one coming up into people’s mind; it is like an ambassador
  • Adorable 
    • Ví dụ:
      • ….is such a charmingly naive creature (ngây thơ rất đáng yêu)
      • If I got a chance to see them, I could not help touching them
  • Tough
    • Ví dụ:
      • …is able to survive in harsh environment, like a desert or grassland (thảo nguyên). So, their tenacity is often praised by people
  • Endangered species
    • Ví dụ:
      • Their race has been threatened with extinction in recent years. Since we live on the same planet, protection and conservation of endangered species should be a priority for us
  • Intimate companion: bạn thân thiết
    • Ví dụ:
      • They get along so well with humans, even giving us a hand with things like transport and labour
      • It seems to me that they have a special way of communicating and understanding human beings 
  • Smart
    • They imitate people’s behavior and entertain us through performing. So, it actually is amazing to see their performance at entertaining shows

1.4. Bài mẫu bài describe a wild animal

Introduction + Câu hỏi 1: where the animal comes from

Well, the wild animal that I will describe is the national treasure of Australia, the koala, which is a kind of bear

Câu hỏi 2: when you saw this animal

Honestly, I have never had a chance to meet one of them, so currently all of my understanding of these lovable animals is from TV programmes. Personally, I believe that one day, I will see it in person

Câu hỏi 3: what the animal looks like

Basically, they have a charmingly naive appearance. I fancy koalas simply because they are cute-looking with large ears and sleek fur

Câu hỏi 4: why you want to talk about it

I love koalas for a number of reasons

  • To begin with, they are so special with interesting attributes. In fact, I found that the koala is one of the few mammals that has fingerprints, which is totally distinct from other animals. From what I can remember, they seem to be sleepy all the time and respond slowly to the outside environment. So, if I have a chance to see them, I will definitely test how long it takes for a koala to respond when I touch it. I also heard from somewhere that koalas only like eating the tasty but poisonous leaves from one particular indigenous tree, and koalas are the only creature alleged to digest and absorb them
  • More importantly, the koala is the symbol of Australia when they are such fascinating creatures and only found on the Australian continent. So, the most possible way to see them is to fly to this beautiful country 

2. PART 3

  • How has the family relationship changed recently?
  • How do people become famous today?
  • What kinds of skills should parents teach children?
  • Do you think that old people should work?

Từ vựng & ideas

Today’s children might face the following problems:

  • Sitting in front of a computer all day long
  • Watching TV programmes excessively
  • Experiencing peer pressure to have better material goods
  • Lacking interaction / communication / co-ordination with peers
  • Living under pressure from their parents 
  • Being asked to focus on academic fields only 
  • Being self-centred and spoiled: chỉ biết sống cho bản thân và nuông chiều 

Children should

  • Interact/mingle/co-operate with their playmates
  • Have more outdoor activities
  • Get close to nature 
  • take part in / join extracurricular activities
  • Be supervised and restricted from reading negative information on the internet 
  • Get in touch with a wide range of sources of information to broaden their horizons 
  • Learn how to respect, behave, and love in an appropriate way 

Roles of the elderly in an family

  • Providing suggestions and recommendations with abundant life experiences
  • Taking care of the family
  • Being indispensable for household issues and decision-making
  • Offering nurturing and education

Disadvantages of living with the elderly:

  • Having different life timetables/schedules 
  • May have some conflicts
  • May be too wordy, talking about the same topic repetitively
  • May interfere in young people’s lives too much due ti the different opinions
  • There maybe a generation gap
  • May be domineering: độc đoán 

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1. PART 2

Describe a foreign country where you want to visit


1.1. Từ vựng

  • Must-do activity
    • …is a paradise for shopping as luxury goods there cannot be found in VN
    • Paris is the city of romance. So, I think grabbing a cup of coffee at a corner cafe is a must-do activity
  • Must-see destination

1.2. Bài mẫu

Introduction + Câu 1: where you want to travel to

Well, the foreign country that I wanna visit is the States, which is one of the most attractive and fascinating traveling destinations for many backpackers, and I am no exception

Câu 2: when you will travel

I think after graduating from university at the end of this year, I’m going to take a tour around the States with my parents

Câu 3: what you will do while you are travelling

During my trip, I will definitely spoil myself and take part in all sorts of activities, like driving from place to place, going shopping, visiting national parks, or hanging around some world-renowned universities

Câu 4: explain why you want to travel this place

Well, I am dying to travel to the States for a number of reasons

  • Firstly, traveling to the States has been a long-time personal wish because there is a wide range of cultural and natural heritage that deserves a look. So, I believe my horizon can be greatly broadened
    • Since I was little, American culture has been influencing us in almost every field, including film, music, sport, arts, so if I have a chance, it will be great to have first-hand experience of it on my own. Hopefully, my dream can come true one day
  • More importantly, I am about to study in the States, and I am longing to have some experience beforehand, ranging from the American accent, local food and customs, living habits or just the view
    • I reckon that life may be much easier and smoother after I take this brand-new life journey 

Describe a vehicle you want to buy