TỔNG HỢP TỪ A ĐẾN Z TỪ VỰNG LIÊN QUAN ĐẾN TOPIC Advantage/Disadvantage Of Having Children Later In Their Life TRONG IELTS WRITING TASK 2

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IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn các em từ A đến Z các ideas, từ vựng thường gặp ở Topic Children Later in Life nhé, qua đó các em sẽ nắm vững được các ý, cùng với những cấu trúc thường gặp trong Topic này. Bên cạnh đó, các em cũng nên tham khảo thêm từ vựng của Topic Ideal Society cũng là Topic thường gặp trong IELTS WRITING nhé!

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  • the trend of giving birth at later stages of life
  • the labour market is increasingly competitive, and it is a norm that young parents defer having children to devote the whole time in the first years of their employment to lay a sound foundation for their future career.
  • children are raised better by older parents
  • older fathers and mothers are generally wealthier, more experienced, and more willing to take the responsibility of bringing up a child.
  • children born to more prosperous and experienced parents can receive better and more comprehensive education, and thus contribute more to society when they grow up
  • reap the benefits of this trend
  • their first working years are not interrupted by pregnancy and childcare
  • when an aged couple decide to give birth, there are serious health risks for the woman in the prenatal and postnatal period.
  • Having babies later in life is regarded as a new trend of marriage
  • it is easily seen that financial burden is one of the reasons why many spouses tend to delay their childbirth because giving birth early forces them to tighten budget
  • Tying the knot early, in some cases, would cause constant quarrels about child-rearing between young couples due to their immature thoughts on marital values
  • delayed marriage may secure better conditions for children’s future
  • This would help singles have more time to seek a financially stable job and broaden behavioral experience before deciding to live with someone forever
  • they may start having children after age 35
  • the benefits of late childbirth are undeniable
  • elderly parents, as well as society also face threats that they can foresee
  • raising kids at old age is more arduous than that at young age because their health will decline
  • stable income and settled life make delayed marriage more appealing
  • Many people currently decide not to have babies when they are young and wait until they get older instead
  •  this choice allows them to have more time to enjoy life when they are young
  • it is easier for a young couple to travel when they do not have a baby to nurture
  • many people decide to start raising a family after having accumulated enough money to ensure a better life for their children.
  • having children later will cause a significant age gap between two generations
  • This makes it harder for parents to understand and communicate with their offspring
  •  if people give birth when they are too old, the babies being born might be less physically healthy
  • have their first children in their thirties or even forties which is somewhat later than previous generations
  • career orientation and costly expenses
  • in the past, while females stayed at home and took care of house chores and children, their husbands were the breadwinner.
  • this is not the case at the present time since the modern world with economic development has promoted the participation in labour forces of citizens, especially women, thereby making people pay more attention to develop their own career and earn more money.
  • Having babies would slow down or deter their career progression, so modern people who have career-oriented thinking would refuse to do so until they acquire fulfilment in their work
  • bearing and nurturing a child would definitely bring about heavy financial burdens for families
  • have abundant household incomes
  • postpone in reproduction
  • having babies late
  • Children who have older parents may receive a better education and financial support and so they will become good and well-educated citizens
  • it was a natural step that a couple would get married fairly young, and then start a family
  • this is no longer the case and the delaying of childbirth is becoming very common
  • As more women have pursued an education and entered the workforce, they tend to marry later and have children later in their life.
  • many men and women choose to travel around the world or take the chance to work in another country, thus delaying settling down.
  • with regards to families, it can be more difficult for older women to get pregnant and they may experience more health problems, such as a miscarriage, high blood pressure or diabetes, during pregnancy.

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