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Bên cạnh cách phát âm các âm dễ sai trong IELTS SPEAKING, hằng ngày các em cũng nên siêng năng học từ vựng theo từng Topic cụ thể thường gặp trong IELTS WRITING. Hôm nay, IELTS TUTOR giới thiệu đến các em tổng hợp từ A đến Z các từ vựng cần phải học trong IELTS WRITING TOPIC SPACE nhé các em.

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  • The space race : cuộc chạy đua vào không gian 

Example: The space race in the 1950s marks an important point in the development of space exploration

  • To launch a space rocket: phóng tên lửa vào vũ trụ

Example: Nowadays, men launch space rockets – not ships – to discover new worlds.

  • To pour money into space research: sử dụng nhiều tiền vào mục đích nghiên cứu vũ trụ 

Example: Some people argue that it is wasteful to pour money into space research.

  • A space shuttle: tàu con thoi để liên lạc giữa Trái Đất và trạm không gian vũ trụ 

Example: The first space shuttle was front-page news, but now people are no longer excited by the concept.

  • A space station: trạm vũ trụ 

Example: Even maintaining an international space station is so expensive that the costs must be shared by several countries.

  • Space vogages: chuyến đi vào vũ trụ 

Example: Public interest in the early space voyages was unprecedented.

  •  Space tourism: chuyến du lịch vào vũ trụ 

Example: Billionaires are the only people who are likely to experience space tourism in the foreseeable future.

  • To discover the mysteries of the universe: khám phá những điều bí ẩn trong vũ trụ 

Example: Space exploration is an essential element in our attempt to discover the mysteries of the universe.

  •  The conquest of space

Example: The conquest of space is a challenge that continues to inspire the public imagination.

  • To be an inspiration to: khơi nguồn cảm hứng cho 

Example: The images of the first men on the moon were an inspiration to people, and made them more hopeful about the future.

  • To endure hardships and discomforts: trải nghiẹm và đối mặt với các điều kiện khó khăn 

Example: I doubt that space tourism will have mass appeal in the future. Travellers would have to endure hardships and discomforts such as weightless conditions, vacuum- packed food and wearing spacesuits and helmets.

  • Satellite technology: công nghệ vệ tinh nhằm mục đích liên lạc 

Example: Satellite technology has resulted in huge advances in communications and information-gathering.

  •  To make space travel commercially viable: khiến cho việc du hành vũ trụ thành công về tài chính 

Example: Holidays in space are just fantasy. It is doubtful if it will ever be possible to make space travel commercially viable.

  • The quest for a new homeland: sự tìm kiếm hành tinh mới cho cư dân 

Example: As humans are destroying their own planet, the quest for a new homeland in the universe is essential.

  • Extraterrestrial life: cuộc sống tồn tại trên hành tinh khác 

Example: The quest for extraterrestrial life will prove that humans are not alone in the universe.

  • Facilitate global communication: Tạo điều kiện cho giao tiếp toàn cầu

Example: Years ago, humans sent spacecraft to explore the universe and satellites into orbit around our planet, and life on Earth has become better and better since then. Such technology facilitates global communication, predicts weather conditions and, most importantly, brings a whole new view of the potential of our technology and engineering.

  • Predict weather conditions: Dự báo thời tiết
  • Bring wealth and inspiration for future generations: Đem đến sự giàu có và cảm hứng cho các thế hệ tương lai

Example:With this solid foundation, sending tourists into space is within our grasp, and many believe a new tourism industry could be developed in the years to come. Our climate will be affected, but I think it is an acceptable price to bring wealth and inspiration for future generations.

  • Have major consequences for the earth’s climate: Có hậu quả lớn đến khí hậu trái đất

Example: Space tourism could have major consequences for the earth’s climate. The emissions from rockets are enough to increase the temperature in areas around the launch site, and some scientists have discovered that this also causes temperatures at the north and south poles to increase, leading to global warming and rising sea levels.

  • Wealthy business figures: Những nhân vật giàu có trong giới kinh doanh

Example: Space tourism however, could easily become a multibillion-dollar industry that will bring great wealth to any economy that is involved. In the past, only selected astronauts were able to fly into space, but recently other people, particularly wealthy business figures, have become curious and aspire to have such an experience. Once orbital flights are arranged on a regular basis and made available for people, a great deal of money will be paid to travel into space.

  • Technological innovations: Những đổi mới công nghệ
  • Technological breakthroughs: Những đột phá công nghệ

Example: Furthermore, space tourism will inspire new generations of engineers, which comes with a promise of new technological innovations. Travelling into space was once an unreal concept until Neil Armstrong set foot on the surface of the moon. It motivated millions of young engineers and scientists to reach a new height in space technology, such as satellites and orbital space stations around the earth. If space tourism were developed in the future, more and more technological breakthroughs would be expected to come into being.

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