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  • Dùng in comparison with... khi so sánh với đối tượng nào đó, mang nghĩa SO VỚI....
  • Thường dùng: pale in comparison (with something/someone): không tốt bằng 
  • (Pale) in comparison with + noun 

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • By/In comparison with the French, the British eat far less fish. (so với người Pháp thì người anh ăn ít cá hơn nhiều)
  • I thought I was badly treated but my experiences pale in comparison with yours. 
  • The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1949, which seemed a wonderland in comparison with post-war England.
  • The paintings he made later pale in comparison with his earlier work.
  •  The data showed that for DMD scoliosis, spinal surgery improved the forced vital capacity (FVC) for approximately 2 years postoperatively in comparison with non-surgical treatment.
  • The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) now examined in an early benefit assessment whether romosozumab offers an added benefit for the affected women in comparison with the appropriate comparator therapy. 
  • Overall, there are only positive effects from treatment with romosozumab followed by treatment with alendronic acid in comparison with the appropriate comparator therapy (here: treatment with alendronic acid alone).
  • For the outcome "major non-vertebral fracture" (e.g. fractures of the hip, the pelvis, the upper arm or the forearm), the ARCH study also showed an advantage of romosozumab in comparison with alendronic acid: These fractures occurred in 7.1% of the patients in the romosozumab group, and in 9.6% of the patients in the comparator group. 
  • The lower cost of these analyzers, in comparison with high-end analyzers, is a key factor driving the adoption of these instruments. 
  • No matter how critically our way of war, and our ability to deter, depend upon our ability to provide warfighting capabilities from space, such expenditures are difficult to justify in comparison with other equally crucial national security needs.
  • The main differentiating feature of the S02 Low Speed in comparison with other electric scooters is that it can be charged via removable batteries

2. Cách dùng COMPARED TO

  • Compared to + noun, mang nghĩa so sánh với 
  • Cách dùng giống hoàn toàn với in comparison with 

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

    • This road is quite busy compared to/with ours.
    • Children seem to learn more interesting things compared to/with when we were at school.
    • The number of people who applied for the course was 120 compared with an initial estimate of between 50 and 100. 
    • I thought myself very sophisticated compared with my relatives in the country.
    • This store’s prices are high compared to what some other stores charge.
    • Secondly, people who are at the early stage of their career usually have lower income compared to when they are older. ​
    • Indeed, the traffic infrastructure in some countries cannot meet the citizen’s demand as the roads are too narrow, compared with a huge number of cars in use on a daily basis.

    3. In comparison with / Compared to thường được dùng trong so sánh số liệu IELTS WRITING TASK 1

    IELTS TUTOR lưu ý:

    • Cách dùng 2 từ này giống nhau đều mang nghĩa so sánh

    Em nhớ tham khảo cách so sánh số liệu trong ielts writing task 1 mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn rất kĩ nhé, xét ví dụ:

    • Likewise, California has experienced the dominant use of water for residential and industrial reasons, with 39% and 33% respectively. However, in this state, a more higher proportion of water used for agriculture compared to San Diego county is recorded (28%)
    • This road is quite busy compared to/with ours. (đường này thì nhộn nhịp, chả bù với đường ở chỗ chúng tôi)
    • This store’s prices are high compared to what some other stores charge. (giá cao hơn giá shop khác bán)

    4. As opposed to = rather than (hơn là, thay vì)

    IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

      • I’d prefer to go in May, as opposed to (= rather than) September. - đi tháng 5 hơn là tháng 9
      • HOPE for Longmont's shelter at FaithPoint Church will open at 1 p.m. Friday as opposed to its normal 5:30 p.m. opening time (mở cửa 1pm thay vì 5:30pm)
      • They fought to guarantee low-income social security recipients would receive a full $1,200 check, as opposed to the originally proposed $600 (nhận được $1.2k hơn là $600) 

      Dùng trong Task 1 với nghĩa so sánh giữa 2 số liệu với nhau

      • Burglaries numbered 719 last year as opposed to 864 in 2018 ( đạt con số 719 năm ngoái so với năm 2018 là 864)

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