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I. Từ vựng topic Work

IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp từ vựng topic Work nhớ tham khảo kĩ

II. Từ vựng & ideas topic Work from home

  • In the present age,  it is common for people to work from home because of advances in technology
  • 9-to-5 office jobs: công việc văn phòng từ 9 giờ sáng tới 5 giờ chiều
  • provide us with flexibility and convenience: cung cấp cho chúng ta sự linh hoạt và tiện lợi
  • work whenever and wherever they prefer: làm việc bất cứ khi nào và bất cứ nơi đâu họ thích
  • One advantage of working from home is the freedom it provides ==> employees have more control over their lives.
  • Home workers can organise their work around their home life as they can stop or start work as they please, and thus if, for example, they have children, they can easily arrange to take them and pick them up from school
  • They can also undertake any other tasks that they need to do during the day, such as doing the laundry or shopping, and then finish work later. 
  • have to learn how to work alone effectively: phải học các làm việc 1 mình như thế nào cho hiệu quả
  • do not need to go to the office on a daily basis: không cần tới công sở hàng ngày
  • save a large amount of time commuting back and forth to work: tiết kiệm 1 lượng lớn thời gian đi lại
  • do not need to waste time sitting in traffic: không cần lãng phí thời gian kẹt xe
  • one may have less influence in the company. 
  • It is often the case that important decisions arise on the spur of the moment as unexpected issues arise.
  • If an employee is not there, others may have to step in. If this occurs on a regular basis, the employees contribution to the company may decline, meaning a higher probability of getting overlooked for things such as promotion. 
  • have extra time for other important tasks: có thêm thời gian cho các việc quan trọng hơn
  • spend extra time with their children or spouse: dành thêm thời gian với con cái hay bạn đời của họ 
  • In the past, most people used to travel to their place of work. 
  • With increased use of computers, the internet and smartphones, more and more people are starting to work from home. 
  • to be in total control of their working environment: hoàn toàn kiểm soát môi trường làm việc của họ 
  • strengthen family relationships: củng cố tình cảm gia đình
  • have the freedom to choose where and when they want to work: có sự tự do lựa chọn nơi đâu và khi nào họ muốn làm việc
  • the ability to work from home gives a person more freedom. For one thing, they do not have to endure the daily commute, sitting in heavy traffic for hours each day as their stress levels rise just to sit in an office all day.

  • working from hone allows a person to manage their own time. For example, some people like to work slowly and steadily, while some people like to work in short bursts. However, in an office environment, people are usually under pressure to make it seem like they are working even if they are not.

  • to be free to create their own working environment so that they can feel comfortable while working: tự do tạo ra môi trường làm việc riêng để họ có thể cảm thấy thoải mái khi làm việc
  • modern society leads to feelings of isolation and working from home might exacerbate this.

  • Having no one around to chat with might actually make people more stressed and have worse effects on their mental health than working in an office.

  • the internet has created a world of distractions that may be hard to resist if someone is sitting in their living room rather than in a cubicle.

  • everyone who has ever tried to organize a conference call knows that face-to-face interactions are normally more time-efficient and productive than trying to communicate remotely.

  • require high levels of discipline and commitment: đòi hỏi mức độ kỷ luật và cam kết cao
  • Not having co-workers to chat with and help you out if you have a problem that cannot be fixed online is a serious disadvantage.

  • even if you can contact someone via email, it is often better to solve problems face-to-face, while working in an office can create a team atmosphere that is better for productivity and the success of the company.

  • have no supervision and restrictions: không có sự giám sát hay hạn chế nào
  • might experience feelings of loneliness and isolation sometimes: thỉnh thoảng có thể trải qua cảm giác cô đơn và đơn độc
  • those who work at home nearly all the time will not be mixing with colleagues.
  • When people are at work, they are always surrounded by others, but at home, an employee is likely to be alone most the time. This may lead to feelings of loneliness due to a lack of interaction. 
  • easily get distracted by things like movies/ online games/…: dễ dàng bị sao nhãng bởi các thứ như phim, games online
  • working from home can mean that people have more control over their lives.

  • people in an office often have to make it look like they are working when really they are just wasting time.

  • At home, they have an amount of work they have to do and a deadline, and it is up to them to decide when and how they complete it.

  • cannot concentrate entirely on their work: không thể hoàn toàn tập trung vào công việc
  • negatively affect their work performance and productivity: ảnh hưởng tiêu cực tới hiệu suất làm việc
  • The freedom of not having to come to a certain place to work each day is appealing, but human’s are social creatures and having everyone in their homes all day is probably not the best solution either

  • difficult to develop social skills (communication, teamwork skills,…): khó phát triển các kỹ năng xã hội (kỹ năng giao tiếp, làm việc đội nhóm,…)
  • Instead of traveling to work, a greater number of people are working from home, using their computer or some other device connected to the internet
  • people do not have to spend a large amount of time each day going to work and then back home. 
  • For many people, this can take an hour or more each way and is a major cause of stress. 
  • By not sitting in a car in traffic, they can not only save time, but avoid stress, and this should make them be able to work more effectively. 
  • have less chance to interact and communicate directly with their colleagues and clients: có ít cơ hội tương tác và giao tiếp trực tiếp với đồng nghiệp và khách hàng
  • working from home can make a worker’s life easier and give them more control.
  • there are some things that are better done with other people around
  • The advent of the internet has enabled people to work remotely from home rather than commuting daily to work

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