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1. Đề bài thuộc Topic Gender

Topic Gender là một Topic khó, các em nên chuẩn bị đầy đủ vốn từ vựng của mình để qua đó có thể làm bài được tốt hơn nhé!

Các đề bài thuộc Topic Gender thường gặp:

  1.  Woman and men are commonly seen as having different strength and weaknesses. Is it right to exclude males or females from certain professions because of their gender?
  2. Many people think that men should go out to work while women’s place is in the home. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  3. Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that this is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting Write an essay expressing your point of view. Give reasons for your answer.
  4. 4.     In spite of many advances women have made in education and employment, they continue to be at a disadvantage when it comes to pay and promotion. In your view, what should be done to promote equality of opportunity for men and women in the workplace?
  5. Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2. Ideas nên học thuộc Topic Gender

Gender and Education

  • Men and women should have access to the same educational opportunities;

  • Males and females should be accepted onto courses according to their abilities;

  • It is wrong to discriminate against students because of their gender;

  • Gender should be irrelevant in education;

  • Student’s achievements should depend on hard work and individual merit;

  • In the UK, there are similar numbers of male and female students in higher education.

Gender and Work

  • Men and women should have access to the same professional opportunities;

  • Both man and women should be able to pursue a career;

  • They should earn equal salaries;

  • They should be employed according to their abilities, qualifications and experience;

  • Traditionally women have been restricted to certain roles;

  • They were often employed as secretaries or receptionists;

  • Nowadays, a range of occupations is available to both sexes;

  • Career success depends on individual merit.

Women’s and Men’s Roles in the Family

  • Some people argue that a mother should not work;

  • She should stay at home and bring up her children;

  • The father should be the breadwinner of the family;

  • Others believe that both parents should share these responsibilities;

  • Working women can take maternity leave during and after pregnancy;

  • Many mothers continue to work after this period;

  • Many fathers and mothers share their parenting and domestic responsibilities;

  • They contribute equally to childcare, cooking and cleaning;

  • Some women may have better career prospects than their husbands;

  • Paternity leave and ‘househusbands’ are becoming more common;

  • Traditional gender roles are gradually changing;

  • Families can divide roles and responsibilities in the most convenient way.

3. Từ vựng nên học trong IELTS WRITING TOPIC GENDER

3.1. Gender equality

  • Social bias: định kiến xã hội;

  • Look down on: coi thường;

  • Share responsibility: chia sẻ trách nhiệm;

  • Feminine character: tính cách nữ tính;

  • Impose backward ideas on women: áp đặt quan điểm bảo thủ với phụ nữ;

  • Domestic violence: bạo lực trong gia đình;

  • Dismiss gender misconception: loại bỏ những hiểu lầm về giới tính.

  •     Equality (n) Sự bình đẳng. E.g Women have not achieved full equality with men in the workplace.
  • Discriminate (v) Sự phân biệt đối xử bất công với ai, dựa trên chủng tộc, tôn giáo, giới tính,etc. E.g Many managers today still discriminate on the basis of the employee’s sex.
  • Male-dominated (a) (một tình huống, môi trường,etc.) hầu hết là đàn ông. E.g What she has done is a great achievement in a male-dominated profession.
  • Female-dominated (a) (một tình huống, môi trường,etc.) hầu hết là phụ nữ.
  • Stereotype (n) những tư tưởng thành kiến. E.g Sexual stereotypes still exist in the workplace.
  • Breadwinner (n) người kiếm tiền nuôi sống gia đình. E.g Fathers are always expected to be the breadwinners.
  • The weaker sex (n) phái yếu, dùng để chỉ phụ nữ.
  • Gender discrimination: phân biệt giới tính
  • Child-rearing : nuôi dưỡng con
  • Child-bearing: sinh con
  • Career-oriented: định hướng sự nghiệp
  • Fore-sighted : tầm nhìn xa
  • Sentimental: tình cảm
  • Bring up children: nuôi dưỡng con cái
  • Male-dominated societies: xã hội chi phối bởi đàn ông
  • Economic foundation: nền tảng tài chính
  • Single-mother families: gia đình một mẹ
  • Self-reliant: tự lập
  • Ambitious: tham vọng
  • Communicative: có khả năng giao tiếp
  • Pursue higher education: theo đuổi học cao
  • Hold high positions: giữ vị trí cao
  • Impose backward ideas on women: áp đặt quan điểm bảo thủ với phụ nữ
  • Be lured into social evils: bị lôi kéo vào tệ nạn xã hội
  • Domestic violence: bạo lực trong gia đình
  • Unwanted pregnancy: có thai ngoài ý muốn
  • Shoulder family responsibilities: gánh vác trách nhiệm gia đình
  • Shun away family responsibilities: tránh trách nhiệm gia đình

3.2. Sự khác biệt nam và nữ

  • Sports also build an approach to teamwork and produce great self-overcoming and some self-knowledge when participants run up against their limits. 
  • Sports produce great joys as people overcome obstacles and strive for the level of excellence appropriate to them
  • women and girls are unable to compete with men and boys
  • It is difficult to make an apples-to-apples comparison between men’s and women’s sports.
  • It is true that sports played by men receive more attention from society than the same sports played by women
  • One main reason for this is that men are generally stronger and faster than women. 
  • While this is not always true, most male sportsmen can compete at a higher level than women. 
  • Due to the fact that more men watch sport than women, and men tend to watch male sports, these sports get more media attention which helps them to grow even more. 
  • Although, it is true that some female sports are getting more popular, including golf and tennis, they are still far behind the male versions.
  • An obvious reason for the disparity in attention is that men’s physical advantage over women makes the sports they play more entertaining to watch. 

3. Bài mẫu về Topic Gender IELTS WRITING

TASK: Many people think that men should go out to work while women’s place is in the home. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

(1) Women and men have had different roles in the community since the beginning. (2) Although these differences are slowly converging, due to the genetic inheritance and socio-demographic components, they still exist. (3) It is said that men should be the breadwinners while women are more suitable for housework and childcare. (4) In my opinion, this statement is not completely right or wrong and requires careful consideration.

Firstly, it is assumed that men should go out to work. Undoutedly, men are better adapted genetically to perform physical tasks. The difference in physical abilities is clearly demonstrated in the sporting arena. Take for example the Olympics, or any international sporting event. It can be clearly seen that these competitions the genders are separated due to inherent differences between the sexes. Similary, such jobs requiring physical strength as logging or coal mining, should continue to be done by men.

Secondly, it has been argued that women are more suitable for their traditional roles in the home. This statement is true to a certain extent but it largely depends on the society. In certain traditional societies in Africa, females working is frowned upon and is seen as neglecting the family. Whereas in Afghanistan, in general, females are allowed to do little else but stay at home, being a housewife. Consequently, a woman’s value is largely dictated by the society, culture and history. Nevertheless, to state that her place is in the home is widely considered sexist in modern western societies. Many women nowadays are in positions of power and changing the world to a great extent. For example, Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany and currently ranked as the world’s second most powerful person by Forbes magazine. Her contribution is obviously undeniable

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