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1. Từ vựng Topic Media IELTS

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1.1. Từ vựng topic technology IELTS

IELTS TUTOR đã tổng hợp từ vựng topic technology IELTS

1.2. Từ vựng topic internet - commucation

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1.4. Từ vựng topic news/newspaper

1.5. Từ vựng topic media

Bên cạnh các từ vựng ở trên, cùng IELTS TUTOR học thêm những từ sau:

  • Get the hang of: nắm vững, hiểu 
    • Twitter has always been too strange and too difficult for new users to get the hang of
  • Freebie: hàng free
    • This T-shirt was a freebie I got for being in the audience of a tv show 
  • only limited ways were available to access information such as newspaper, magazine and so on
  • print media will disappear and computer
  • mobile phones will be used by masses because computer provides fast, convenient service as well as accurate information
  • accessing information online provides us comfort as masses can use it at anyplace and anytime within few seconds
  • despite the spreading popularity of the online media, traditional newspaper will still hold the most vital position among news readers.
  • printed newspaper would continue to be the most crucial source of information because more and more people will be drawn to use the Internet.
  • soccer fans these days can rewatch their favorite matches anytime they want with only a laptop connected to the Internet, which a mere paper cannot do.
  • non-stop progress of the technology industry has unfolded the possibility to upload videos and voice records on various online websites.
  • the Internet has become increasingly dominant due to the benefits it offers
  • With the presence of the Internet around almost every corner of the world, people with a portable device such as a mobile phone can access huge storage of news.
  • with prolonging procedures including editting and printing, traditional newspaper might not be able to compete with the Internet in terms of the updating speed.
  • Another benefit with which the Internet can take over the position of printed newspaper is the new experience it brings to readers.
  • today with the help of search engine like Google, Bing and so on, accessing information has become more convenient than the past.
  • one might be able to look at a digital magazine on smart phone, but he cannot cut things out, colour in, and stick it to the wall
  • the tech-savvy generation
  • physical forms of written words always give a lucid and different exciting experience.
  • the printed magazine or newspaper will not be expired due its own unique appeals.
  • the “death of print” is greatly exaggerated.
  • printed books, newspapers and magazine will survive for its own right.
  • people rely on computers and gadgets for reading information
  • there is no need to print books, newspapers and magazines on paper
  • printed books, magazines and newspapers would not be obsolete
  • the printed book has some significant benefits over digital version. 
  •  it is easier to skim, to relate a point, and we comfortably go back and forth in.
  • it is quite easier to underline important sentences or paragraphs and to take notes in the margins
  • reading digital version of books very often seems stressful and has some side effects on health
  • people who are comfortable with electronic devices to read book prefer printed books for serious study
  • When I engage in prolong reading on my laptop, I always feel headaches. 
  • This obviously demonstrates that printed books would be read by many people in coming future
  • Individuals just need to enter a keyword in search box about one particular object, and whole the information will be in the front of their eyes within seconds
  • there are still many people all over the world, who either do not have access to such technology or who are not comfortable with the use of computers and other such electronic devices. 
  • This populace depends on printed information, rather than on the electronic form of that information
  • There are many parts of .... where there is no access to technology. 
  • In such remote areas, books are still the best source of information. 
  • all the information available on the Internet may not be reliable, as there are a lot of fake news and articles posted online.
  • Everyone who has access to this resource can post anything online and sometimes the information posted is discrepant. 
  • at times it becomes impossible to rely solely on the Internet and we need to turn to the printed material. 
  • The printed material is always authenticated and published after careful consideration of facts and is reviewed several times. 
  • information that is printed is always more reliable and authentic than the information available online.
  • With the increasing popularity of new age / electronic media, traditional newspapers seem less appealing and unnecessary to many people.
  • print media has become redundant.
  • reading newspapers in a traditional way may be preferred by some people, as print newspapers are more authoritative in terms of the authenticity of information. 
  • To publish an issue of newspaper, it involves a series of processes such as journalists collecting information on spot and editors proofreading reports multiple times. >> IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Cách dùng động từ "involve" tiếng anh
  • These vigorous steps greatly ensure the reliability of news.
  • their presentation of information is monotonous while the various functions of the digital news are more engaging and personalized. 
  • The discussion board of news online provides viewers with opportunities to exchange their ideas about how they perceive the news events; with notifications of digital news, subscribers can be well informed of the most updated information, so they will not miss any important news reports. 
  • All these features cannot be found in print newspapers because they just display information with texts and photographs.
  • print newspapers are still needed because of their inherent merits that online media lack. 
  • They are a reliable source of news and information. 
  • They may lack the versatility of online media but that does not mean that they are not needed.
  • As technology has developed at an astounding pace, a considerable number of people have gadgets, such as mobile phones and the computers, which allow them to find information at any time, so fewer people read print newspapers today. 
  • If they want to check what is happening around the world, what they need to do is to just press some buttons on their screen. 
  • This way of accessing news has many advantages over reading print newspapers in terms of time efficiency and convenience, and that is why most modern people are no longer big fans of print newspapers.
  • it is more portable and is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the printed form.
  • There is no denying the fact that in this progressive era of technology, the popularity of printed material has been affected, however, it can never be completely done away with. 
  • The charm of holding a newspaper and the aroma of the printed books can never be replaced by reading something on the screen of a computer of a smart phone.
  • this makes it clear that print media is not going to be operational anytime in the near future.
  • electronic gadget helps masses to keep updated with the latest invention
  • use of print media in order to access information is an idea that will not be realised anytime soon
  • print media will be replaced by these devices

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