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Từ Vựng IELTS Band 7.0 Tập Trung Topic ADVERTISING: Cấu trúc, Từ Vựng thường gặp nhất, kèm Bài Essay mẫu IELTS Writing cụ thể!

Bonus: FLASHCARD Topic Education cực dễ học!

· Flashcard,Vocabulary - Grammar

Topic Advertising là một topic rất thường được ra thi trong IELTS Writing cũng như IELTS Speaking, các em có thể mở rộng vốn từ của Topic Advertising thông qua việc học những từ vựng IELTS trong các Topic liên quan như Topic Media hoặc Topic Communication - Internet. Để các em có thêm nguồn tài liệu phong phú, IELTS TUTOR cũng giới thiệu thêm với các em tổng hợp những từ vựng thường gặp, cũng như các bài đọc hiểu IELTS Reading liên quan đến Topic Advertising này luôn nhé!

1. Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking

1) dispose of sth. = get rid of sth. that you no longer need

EX: Some waste is disposed of under the sea.

2) disposable... = sth. that is designed to be thrown away after you have used it once

EX: It seems efforts to restrain the use of disposable chopsticks face many obstacles.

3) vicious circle= a difficult situation in which something that happens causes something else unpleasant to happen

EX: She got caught in a vicious circle of dieting and weight gain.

4) adverse effect= negative effect

EX: The policy may have adverse effects on the economy.

5) non-biodegradable material= substances that cannot be separated into small parts by bacteria

EX: Non-biodegradable material does not decay or dissolve away by natural forces.

6) reusable / recyclable material= material that can be recycled or reused

EX:When recyclable material is not disposed of correctly, it may add to the mass of polluting waste.

7) pollution reduction= the process of making pollution less in amount

EX: Long-term traffic and pollution reduction would depend on educating the public to use public transport more, and on governments using public money to construct and run efficient systems.

8) use sth. wastefully = waste sth.  

EX:Electricity is often used wastefully.

9) hydro-electric power= electricity that is produced with water power 

EX:Clean sources of energy include solar, wind, hydro-electric and nuclear power.

10) "the biosphere= the parts of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere where plant and animal life can exist

EX:Scientists are wondering what effects global warming will have on the biosphere. ENVIRONMENT.

11) endangered species= a type of animal or plant that may soon disappear from the world 

EX:40% of the species on Earth are endangered species, which means they are at risk of becoming extinct.

12) equilibrium= a situation in which there is a balance between different aspects EX:Destruction of old material and formation of new material are in permanent dynamic equilibrium.

13) ozone layer = a layer of ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere that protects the Earth EX:Scientists have been worried about the hole in the ozone layer which appeared over Antarctica.

14) the atmosphere= the air around the Earth 

EX:These factories are releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.

15) cause irreversible damage= lead to a bad situation that cannot be changed 

EX:In some countries, air pollution is causing to the environment.

16) be permanently damaged= be irreversibly damaged

EX:The ecosystem that plays a part in natural processes such as climate or the food chain may be permanently damaged.

17) global warming= a gradual increase in world temperatures caused by polluting gases EX:Scientists and environmental activists continue to argue over the seriousness of global warming.

18) greenhouse effect= the process in which heat is unable to escape from the atmosphere and causes the temperature of the Earth to rise 

EX:The greenhouse effect is a complicated process by which the earth is becoming progressively warmer.

19) car emissions= the by-products that come out of the exhaust systems of cars

EX:Cities across the UK are cracking down on air pollution by enforcing strict car emission control.

20) exhaust fumes= gases or steam produced by an engine as it works

EX:Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide and can be extremely dangerous.

21) respiratory diseases= disease of the respiratory system 

EX:Britain has the highest death rates from respiratory diseases in Europe.

22)soil erosion= the process by which soil is gradually removed by the rain, wind, or sea EX:Accelerated soil erosion by water or wind may affect both agricultural areas and the natural environment.

23) desertification= the process by which land becomes so dry that it cannot be used for EX:farming desertification is the process by which land changes into desert.

24) groundwater= water that flows or collects under the ground

EX:Most concern over groundwater contamination has centered on pollution caused by human activities.

25)seawater desalination= the process of removing salt from sea water so that the water can be used

EX:Seawater desalination involves removing the salt from water to make it drinkable.

26) chemical fertiliser= a chemical substance added to soil in order to help plants grow EX:Even though chemical fertilisers can make the plants grow well, they may cause health problems for us and reduce our quality of life.

27) pesticide= a chemical used for killing insects, especially those that damage crops EX:Recent studies have linked breast cancer to pesticides used on fruits.

28) acid rain= rain which contains large amounts of harmful chemicals as a result of burning substances such as coal and oil

EX:Acid rain is causing immense damage to tropical rain forests.

29) be saturated with... = be completely filled with...

EX:The air has been saturated with harmful chemicals, dust and other contaminants.

30) upset the ecosystem= disturb the ecosystem.

31) redress the ecological balance= restore the ecological balance

EX:In these circumstances, government intervention is important to redress the ecological balance.

32) industrial waste= the useless materials, substances, or parts that are left after industrial use

EX:Despite opposition from environmentalist groups, industrial waste continues to pollute the rivers, lakes and oceans.

33) discharge= to allow liquid or gas to leave a place.

EX:Large amounts of industrial waste are discharged daily by the factory.

34) at the expense of sth. / sb. = make sth. / sb.

EX:Suffer They accused BP of pursuing profit at the expense of the environment.

35) at the cost of sth. = at the expense of sth.

EX:Sometimes pets may take up too much of a person’s attention at the cost of his/her family life.

36) ecological degradation= the process of the ecosystem changing into a worse condition ecological

EX:degradation means the deterioration ( 3£.if) of the environment, the destruction of ecosystems or the extinction of wildlife.

37) be in short supply= be scarce or difficult to buy

EX:Raw materials are in short supply.

38) fossil fuel= a fuel made from decayed material from animals or plants that lived many thousands of years ago. ( There are three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gase)

EX:Tempreture climbed more rapidly in the twentieth century as the use of fossiljuel proliferated.

39)solar energy= energy that uses the power of the Sun's light and heat to produce electricity

EX:Many houses started using solar panels in order to utilise solar energy.

40) noise pollution= annoying and potentially harmful noise

EX: People who live close to airports all understand what noise pollution means because they have been exposed to excessive noise.

41) light pollution= excessive artificial light

EX: The adverse effects of light pollution are multiple, some of them may be not known yet.

Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking
Từ vựng thường gặp trong Topic Advertising IELTS Writing - Speaking

2. Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Topic Advertising

3. Quà Bonus: Flashcard Online Topic Education, cùng bài tập luyện tập

Sau khi học Flashcard Topic Education xong, các em cũng nên tham khảo thêm Bộ tổng hợp những từ vựng, cấu trúc thường gặp trong IELTS Writing - Speaking Topic Education bởi lẽ Topic Education cũng là Topic thường xuyên được ra thi trong IELTS Writing - Speaking nhé các em!

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