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1. Từ vựng & ideas topic Technology

1.1. Ideas về technology

Đừng quên hướng dẫn của IELTS TUTOR rất kĩ về cách để học ideas ý tưởng trong IELTS WRITING

1.1.1 Advantages of technology

  • Satisfy children of different preferences for entertainment
  • Empower people to conveniently keep in touch with friends & relatives 
  • The ability to effectively interact with each other

1.1.2. Disadvantages of technology

  • If exposed frequently, >> Chắc chắn ở đây sẽ dùng nhiều từ vựng về topic health mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn 
    • Develop a passive lifestyle 
    • Exposure to technology could lead to deterioration in health
    • less outdoor exercise 
    • indulge in (or be lost in) a virtual world 
    • be isolated from the real world 
    • weaken the relationships with family and friends 
    • become solitary
    • a fatal breakdown
  • Refrain from using new appealing applications and games
  • Too engrossed in their games
  • identity theft = pretending to be someone else by assuming that person’s identity >> Từ vựng IELTS về topic Crime (có liên quan đến topic technology) đã được IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn rất kĩ, nhớ học thêm
    • EX:Since the Internet does not require enough identification to confirm the user being the same with the owner, identity theft prevention is a very important issue.

  • e-mail fraud = the use of e­mails to defraud another person of money
    • EX:Three local men were convicted of e­mail fraud.

  • e-mail spamming = the practice of sending junk e­mails to a large number of people
    • EX:E­mail spamming can be very confusing and annoying.

  • dependency on sth. = a situation in which you need something in order to live or succeed
  • The problem of...is becoming increasingly severe / (or disturbing/grave/worrying/ serious/worrisome/troublesome)
  •  …… increasing work pressure and less quality family time
  • cyber crime 
    • security issues 
    • violate ( or intrude on/infringe on) sb.’s privacy
    • pirate v. 
      • pirated adj. 
      • piracy n.
  • questionable contents such as pornography and violence damage one’s health weakened eyesight radiation n.
  • pose major technological hurdles

    • potential hazards
    • pose a threat to…

1.2. Từ vựng về topic technology

1.2.1. Từ vựng về topic technology

  • Computer literate 
    • Ex: It is now almost impossible to work in an office, if you are not computer literate 
  • The computer age 
    • Ex: In fact, we could now be said to live in the computer age
  • advanced science
  • scientific invention
  • exert a far­-reaching impact on…
  • earth­shaking changes
  • pay the way for the future development
  • lay a solid foundation for…
  • energy crisis
  • milestone
  • sophisticated equipment
  • technical innovation
  • speedy and comfortable
  • promote relative industries
  • accelerate
  • make people's life easier
  • sustainable development
  • scientific exploration
  • substitute
  • overcome difficulties
  • make progress
  • unprecedented
  • give a great push to the economic growth
  • see dramatic breakthroughs
  • aggravate
  • optimize

1.2.2. Các cụm từ về topic technology

A. Nói về sự phát triển nói chung technology

  • an increasing popularity (or prevalence) of.../
  • be increasingly prevalent (or popular)
  • introduce new science and technology

  • augment/ enhance/ boost efficiency

  • technological innovations/ inventions/ advances/ progressions

  • the proliferation of the Internet

  • the information age/ the information era

  • information explosion/ information overload

  • ever­ accelerated updating of

  • keep abreast with

  • fast­ paced modern life…

  • become widely available= can be easily obtained or used

EX: The Internet had become widely available to households in the UK by 2000

  • supersede / supplant sth. = replace something, often as a result of being more powerful

EX: Eventually these were superseded by “ small clock” , or French, hours, which split the day into two 12­ hour periods.

  • welcome sth. with open arms = be very pleased with sth.

EX: new TV viewers welcomed the arrival of HDTV with open arms.

  • popularise sth. = make sth. popular or present sth. to the general public

EX:The government has been trying to popularise these eco­friendly cars.

  • minimise the risk of sth. = to reduce sth. harmful or unpleasant to the smallest amount or degree

EX: By minimising human involvement, the idea was to minimise the risk of flawed results.

  • experiment with sth. = try new methods or new ideas in order to find out what result they will have

EX: Pilkington had been experimenting with improving the melting process.

  • satisfy human curiosity = tell us or show us what we want to hear or to see a good reason to support space exploration is to satisfy human curiosity.
  • hard-won discovery = a discovery made after a great deal of effort

EX:That their minds are not different from our own is demonstrated by the fact that the hard­won discovery of scientists like Kepler or Einstein become the commonplace knowledge of schoolchildren.

  • speed up the pace of sth. = quicken the pace of sth.

EX: The agency’s services have helped laboratories to speed up the pace of scientific discovery.

  • set priorities = identify sth. important that must be done first

EX: The agency will set priorities for their scientific research.

  • realise the untapped potential of... = use the ability that is not being used at present

EX:These experts believe cloud computing will help many companies to realise their untapped potential.

  • Some scientific evidence has emerged to the contrary. = There are research results that run counter to this.

EX:There has never been any unbiased evidence that this disease is genetic; in fact, some .scientific evidence has emerged to the contrary.

  • There is considerable evidence suggesting that... = There is ample evidence that... 

B. Change & development

  • scientific and technological advance (or progress) 
  • technological innovations = technological inventions / advance 
  • transform (v) —> have transformed (or fundamentally changed/completely changed)... 
  • cutting-edge technology = hi-tech (adj)
  • hi-tech features 
  • digital (adj)
  • electronic (adj)
  • virtual reality = an environment that is created with software and is presented to users in such a way that users believe it is real In the future children may find human relationships inconvenient and confusing, and prefer to stay inside a virtual reality.
  • Silicon Valley = a region south of San Francisco, which is known for its huge number of IT companies.
  • artificial intelligence = the use of computer technology to make computers and other machines think and do things in the way people can
    • EX: As information management becomes increasingly complex, artificial intelligence will allow us to share information within and across organisations.

  • social networking websites = websites that people can use to chat, play games and connect with friends and family members
    • EX:social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are a good way to make connections with people with similar interests and goals.

  • interact with = communicate and react to one another
    • EX: The way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology.

  • communications equipment= equipment for verbal communication
    • EX:Soldiers will benefit from the communications equipment during natural disasters.

  •  teleconferencing = group communication through an electronic medium
    • EX:Teleconferencing allows large companies to work more efficiently.

  • Cloud computing= a term for any computing system that delivers hosted services over the Internet
    • EX:Cloud computing will permit access to multiple data centers anywhere on Earth.

  • telecommuting= the use of telecommunication to work outside the traditional office
    • EX:The benefits of telecommuting include energy conservation improved workplace safety and enhanced family values.

  • break new ground = to do something completely different from what has been done before
    • EX: This biologist and his team members have been breaking new ground in genetic research.

  • Scientific breakthroughs= a scientific discovery or achievement
    • EX: With more scientific breakthroughs t the study of natural sciences has become more sought­after in recent years.

  •  the advent of sth. = the introduction of new technology,
    • EX: a new product or a new system The advent of the jet engine resulted in a large number of very fast planes.

C. Infomation technology

  •  the information age (or era)
  • information explosion (or overload) 
  • the proliferation of the Internet
  • the extensive use of the Internet
  • the widespread use of the Internet surf on the Internet

D. Other fields / Production

  • genetically-modified food= crop plants created for human consumption using the latest molecular biology technology

EX:Gene transfer from genetically­ modified food to cells of the human body has caused public concern.

  • bring liberation from sth. = free a person from sth.

EX:Automation systems have brought liberation from exhausting labour and have set us free to enjoy more interesting work and leisure

  • automation = the use of machines to do work instead of people

EX:Some people argue that automation will result in the loss of jobs.

  • boost crop yield = increase the amount of crops that are produced

EX:The farmers avidly took to pesticides as a sure measure to b«wst crop yield.

  • be mechanised = be done by machine but be previously done by people or animals

EX:Mechanised farming has reduced the cost of production of various crops.

  • mass production = the process of producing large quantities of goods by using machines

EX: Some people argue that mass production of standardised goods on assembly lines is uncreative.

  • at a staggering (or astonishing) rate
  • productive adj.
    • productivity n.
  • enhance (or boost/augment) efficiency or productivity machinery n.
  • labor-saving machinery
  • labor-replacing machinery automation n.

1.2.3. Collocation đi với Technology

Tổng hợp từ vựng nâng cao chủ đề Technology trong IELTS Writing - Speaking

1.2.4. Word form của technology

Học thêm về word form trong từ vựng ielts - đây là các học rất hay để nhớ lâu từ vựng mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn

Word form của technology

2. Flashcard từ vựng topic Technology

Cùng luyện tập từ vựng topic Technology cùng IELTS TUTOR nhé

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